Marketing Techniques for Better Branding: What Will be The Most Important in 2022

Amin Siddiqui
3 min readOct 13, 2022


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Building a solid brand is the top priority of all brands, and we have witnessed brand marketing reach a whole new level this year. A brand marketing agency helps businesses transform into powerful brands loved by their target audiences. The marketing landscape changes quickly, and as a new-age business /brand, you must keep up with the constant changes and reinvent yourselves.

Hiring a brand marketing agency is always a convenient option for brands that want to elevate their market position and businesses that want to build a strong brand for themselves.

Let’s take a look at the essential marketing techniques for better branding:

1. Nurture Brand Advocates

Remember that your target audience usually looks and invests in brands recommended by their peers. That’s how the modern audience makes purchase decisions. Your existing customers can act as powerful resources that help you reach new audiences and drive your conversion rates to the sky. Your current customers are your brand advocates, and there are numerous ways of nurturing these brand advocates. A great way is to offer them discounts or even rewards for referrals.

The brand marketing agency you are partnered with might even suggest creating a hashtag for your brand and encouraging your brand advocates to use it.

2. Build Strong Partnerships

Building strong partnerships is a crucial marketing technique for better branding. Nothing beats the power of solid recommendations and knowledgeable influencers. You must focus on collaborating with influencers from your industry to reach out to newer audiences and gain social proof for your brand. Building partnerships with influencers will help you optimize your social media presence and increase your followers.

3. Build Strong Authority Among the Audience

This is 2022, and your brand marketing campaigns must focus on building strong brand authority within your audience via personalized or tailored brand marketing campaigns. You must be able to connect with your target audiences on a deeper level and build a brand story that your audiences resonate with.

Churn out creative and meaningful content that communicates to your audiences that you are a vital player in your industry. This helps build strong brand authority and develop a loyal audience base.

4. Reinvent Storytelling

Brand marketing is incomplete with innovative storytelling. 2022 demands all brands to become creative storytellers and use storytelling as a tool to captivate audiences. Your customer doesn’t want to hear how fantastic your product or service is. They want to listen to a great story that perfectly embeds your product/service offering within it!

They want to know a story about a time when your product or service helped solve a specific problem or simplified someone’s daily struggles.

Instead of using flowery words to describe your offerings, incorporate a real-life display of the advantages of your product/service.

This is what your audience desires!

Compelling narratives encourage customers to try out your brand offerings instead of blandly explaining what your brand is about.

5. Constantly Analyse Your Brand Strategies For Improvement

Experienced brand marketers know the importance of analyzing their campaigns or optimization strategies. You don’t have to wait till the final phase of your marketing campaign to analyze and tweak the campaigns, as it limits the potential benefits of performance analysis.

The brand marketing agency you work with must consistently analyze your brand campaigns and make changes and updates whenever required, as this helps your campaign gain a broad audience reach and create a more significant impact. Adjustments must be made based on the latest and constant insights. It is only then can you have a successful campaign.

Branding has become quite complicated today, and you must work with an experienced brand marketing agency if you wish to ace your branding campaigns.

PODS is one such brand marketing agency that helps businesses turn into valuable brands by developing unique & tailored brand marketing strategies.

Their brand consultants are experienced, credible, and talented, having worked with multiple clients and a rich experience in their pockets.



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