Types of Social Media Ads to Achieve Real Business Results While Minimizing Your Spend

Amin Siddiqui
3 min readSep 5, 2022


Social media advertising agency in Mumbai.

In this tech-driven world, digital platforms are vital for any business to reach its target audience. In addition, social media advertising has always gained much importance because it is quick, flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use. Even if you go for organic reach, it is harder to reach a potential audience because there’s so much competition to rank higher. It is a true fact that organic reach needs a little advertising to do wonders. Therefore, choosing the right social media ad platform can be an effective way to improve your online presence. If you are in a dilemma about which media to choose, look for an experienced social media advertising agency in Mumbai to assist you better.

A professional social media marketing agency can develop advertising plans for many local and international brands. In addition, their strategies to achieve business goals and objectives have always been one step ahead.
Here are some unique ways to advertise on social media to help break advertising rules.

Stories Ads

Almost every social media site has a feature called “Stories.” This full-screen format lets the audience fully interact with the ad, which makes it more powerful. You also get your audience’s attention for a few seconds, which makes it an excellent choice for marketers now. Keeping your ad simple, interesting, and easy to understand is the major essence of story ads. Remember that you only have a short time to get your message delivered.

Collection or Catalogue Ads

Your products are shown in the Facebook feed with a collection ad. The ad has a large photo or video on the cover and smaller images of the products with prices and other information.
Think of it as your online storefront or a quick look through your catalog. People can find out more about your product without having to leave Facebook. Collection ads work well for brands in the retail and travel industries.

FB Messenger Ads

Messenger ads are just Facebook ads in the app’s Chats tab. They’ll pop up in the middle of conversations. You can use them to start an automated conversation with a potential customer right there on Messenger, or you can link to your website or app. You can pick up discussions that have stalled with Messenger ads. Use a custom audience of people who have talked to your business before.

Reels Advertising

Reels are a great way to share short-form videos, which can increase engagement and help you create engaging ads for your brand.
The ads should be in a vertical format and be made for mobile. Note that Reel videos are only 90 seconds long. Since Instagram is a video-only platform, Reel ads should also meet the requirements for Instagram videos. An experienced social media advertising agency in Mumbai can assist in creating Reel ads for your brand.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Promote is a paid service that lets you automatically send your tweets to the right people if they pass the Twitter quality filter. You can even tell people about your Twitter account to get them to start following you. With the Twitter promotion, you have to create customized ads or campaigns as it is a quick and easy way to target professionals.

Pinterest Ads

Since Pinterest is a way to find new things, creative and exciting ads are an excellent way to get people to know about a brand. Brands that use Pinterest ads can show off their ideas and interact with the audience productively. Promoted pins, one-tap pins, upgraded carousels, promoted video pins, promoted app pins, buyable pins, and story pins are all types of Pinterest ads.
People who use Pinterest browse with a specific goal, meaning they are more likely to convert than on other social media sites. However, one bad thing is that only a few countries can use Pinterest ads.

Hire a social media advertising agency in Mumbai that fits your brand and fulfills your advertising objectives. When a potential partner mentions you in their content or on their website, reach out to thank them and build a relationship that benefits both of you. You could even show them off first in your content.



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